Get Professional Services For Carpet Mould Damage Removal In Perth

Moulds not only damage the carpet but also pose health threats to you and your surroundings. Moulds give an ugly and unattractive look to your carpet. It is so embarrassing that you can’t even invite guests to your place when having mould issues.

Professional carpet cleaning services help you get out of this miserable situation. Desire Carpet Cleaning Perth is a well-known company that provides excellent services for carpet mould removal in Perth. If you are stuck with an awful-looking carpet and want to get rid of the mould growth then calling us is the best solution for you. We have experienced industry professionals for cleaning your carpets completely. Our professionals are trained and certified for mould removal in Perth.

You can connect with us anytime and ask for a express quotation. Our experts are available 24/7 to solve your doubts and even be there to clean your carpet in emergencies. We value our customer’s time, money and carpets and hence we aim to provide excellent services with add-on facilities.

Why Remove Mould From Your Carpet?

Mould can damage your carpet completely. By considering the damages, you must remove the mould growth from your carpet with the help of professionals.

With mould growing, your carpets are prone to spread germs all over the place.

Your carpet can get damaged early and won’t be of any use.

Mould also promote bad odour.

The life of your carpet gets shortened by moulds.

You can catch diseases if you have mould infested carpet.

You may need extra hours to maintain the minimum cleaning of the carpet.

So keep yourself safe from all these issues, call us and get an excellent carpet mould removal in Perth. We are backed with advanced tools and techniques that can quickly remove the mould growth and make your carpet germ-free.

Why Trust Our Professionals For Carpet Mould Removal In Perth?

Desire Carpet Cleaning Perth is a commercial and residential carpet cleaning service provider company in Perth. With years of experience, our professional carpet cleaners have earned a name in the cleaning industry. Here are some key points that will help you to trust us:

We are a certified firm and have licenced and trained professionals for carpet cleaning and mould removal in Perth.

We work all 7 days of the week and all 24 hours of a day. We are available on public holidays too.

We provide same-day mould removal services for customer’s convenience.

We work on flexible hours for our customer’s needs.

We use safe and green solvents for cleaning your carpets completely.

You can always rely on us for the safety of your carpets. Your carpet is in the hands of professional experts. Call us to book the services and get a express quotation too. We don’t have any hidden policies for extra money.

We have the cheapest range for services than other companies. Connect with our team and be assured of the best mould removal in Perth.

What Is Mould And What’s The Reason Behind Its Growth?

Mould is a type of fungus that can cause hazardous health issues to you and everyone in the surroundings. It looks terribly odd too. Excess moisture and dampness by poor ventilation can cause mould growth. Moulds are more found in laundry and bathrooms. It requires the organic and moisturized surface to grow.

Also if you have experienced water damages like cracked pipes, floods or overflow of laundry, washing machine, toile or bathtubs then this may provide moisture to your carpet and then the carpet catches mould growth. It can also cause mould growth on ceiling, walls and floorings. Moulds look like black big dots and can be an awful sight. It gives birth to spores that are responsible for allergic reactions and bad odour. Mould growth is bad for your entire home or office structure. As you spot the black unusual spots on carpet, wall or ceiling, you must take quick action.

How To Identify Mould?

Mould growths are easy to spot if you pay attention to minor changes in your surroundings. Initially, moulds are visible and that is called mildew. It is in the form of a tiny black spot and then it grows further and creates large mould colonies. To know whether the black spots are dirt or mould, you can use bleach. However, bleach can be risky for your flooring and health. The better way is to talk to experts and they will guide you accordingly.

How Do We Remove Mould Growth From Your Carpet?

We treat all types of mould by using our standard procedure for mould removal. Our experts are trained in removing moulds from carpets of all types and sizes. Here is our step to step procedure that we follow to give you a cleaned and mould-free carpet.

1. Inspection

First of all, our professionals take a long assessment to identify the core reasons and affected area of the carpet, Depending on these crucial factors, we decide the method for cleaning and mould removal. Information regarding the moisture, type of mould and source help us to choose suitable solutions. A good inspection makes the overall cleaning procedure easy.  Once we know the core reason and area of mould, it is easy for us to use the specialised methods of cleaning.

2. Cleaning of Mould

Once we know the cause and parts of the more damaged carpet, we start removing the mould by using our best methods of mould removal. Some parts of the carpet may not take much time and others may need patchwork too. Mould cleaning is crucial in the entire procedure of mould removal.

3. Remediation or Fogging Treatment

After mould cleaning, we spray a special cleaning agent indoor to remove even the minor traces of invisible mould particles in the air. This step helps you to get quality air and eliminate the chances of future mould growth. It is advised to close all the doors and windows for 3 hours after fogging treatment.

4. Mould Prevention

Our technicians guide you about how to keep your place and especially your carpet safe from mould growth. You can re-enter the place 3 hours after fogging and remediation.

How To Prevent Mould Growth?

Moulds grow in poorly ventilated places. So make sure your rooms are well ventilated. Every day, keep your windows or doors open for at least 15 to 20 minutes for fresh air.  After cooking, washing and bathing activities, make a habit of turning the exhaust on.

For small areas and visible moulds, you can try vacuuming and other cleaning methods for keeping your carpets safe from moulds. Call mould removal experts if the damage is more. Some moulds are invisible and their germs are roaming in the air. To remove the root cause and have a safe environment, connect with our experts at Desire Carpet Cleaning Perth.

We offer free site pre-visit for industrial areas. Also, you can get a express quotation by talking to our staff over the phone call. We have been working with big projects and industrial sites and making their carpets reusable by removing the mould growth. We are proud to have a happy client list and this list is even-growing.

Emergency Mould Removal In Perth

We know that emergencies can happen to anyone and hence we are available 24/7 for emergency mould removal. You may not have found the hidden mould under your carpet and may want to get rid of it immediately. Some or other things may go wrong and you may need professional carpet cleaning and mould removal. Even in such critical times, you can always rely on our services. Our professionals are humans like you but they have expertise in handling mould and other carpet related issues. Our professionals are polite and friendly. They make you feel relaxed even in bad situations.

Call us anytime and be assured of our emergency services. We send a professional team to your doorstep within an hour of your call. Remember, we are there for you even in emergency cases.

Same-Day Services For Carpet Mould Damage Removal In Perth

Mould growth on your carpet looks awful and we understand the urge to get rid of it. You may have a business client arriving that day and you don’t want to spoil your image with it. Or else, your precious guests may feel allergic to mould growth.  In such situations, you can call us and get same-day mould removal services. It means we will treat the mould on the same day of booking. You do not need to wait for too long for a cleaned and fresh carpet.

The Best Professionals In The Industry Are Just A Call Away!

Desire Carpet Cleaning Perth is known for its authenticity and transparency of the services. We have earned a name by providing honest and top-notch services of carpet cleaning all over Perth. We are proud to have a supportive and excellent staff. All our customers always rely on us for regular carpet cleaning, mould removal, carpet protection and even for tips to keep their carpet clean. We do not just serve the clients and forget about them. We always keep a check. Our services are quick and effective. Call us anytime and we will do everything to make your carpet mould-free.


1. What if I do not get rid of mould?

The best way to deal with mould is to call professionals. Desire Carpet Cleaning Perth provides top-notch mould removal in Perth. Our professionals use advanced tools and techniques to get rid of mould from your carpet and make it look like a new, fresh carpet.

2. How to get rid of mould on carpets?

To remove the mould at home, do not try bleaches as it may change the colour of the damaged area of the carpet. Also, there is both visible and invisible mould that you need to clean. The best way to keep your carpet safe and remove mould without any damages is to call us.

3. Can mould reduce the quality of the carpet?

Yes. Mould can reduce the quality of your carpet and the carpet may not survive for many years if it has mould growth.

4. Do you remove mould from commercial carpets?

Yes. No matter the size and type of carpet, our professionals are trained in cleaning all carpets. We offer the best services for removing mould from commercial as well as residential carpets. Call us anytime and avail of our top-class services of carpet mould damage removal in Perth.

5. What type of chemicals do you use for carpet cleaning?

We use completely safe and green solutions for carpet cleaning and mould removal in Perth. Our solvents are safe for kids and pets. We value our customer’s health and hence use only safe and eco-friendly cleaning agents.

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